The Carubba Advanced Collision Repair System

Frustrated by the traditional repair process? Start-stop affecting productivity and earning potential?

Traditional repair method:

Estimate supplement 1. Estimate Supplement
Authorization icon 2. Authorization
Stop-sign icon 3. Missing Parts, Wrong Parts, Parts Quality
Order icon 4. Order Parts
Tear down icon 5. Tear Down
Parts delivery icon 6. Parts to Technician
Magnifying glass 7. Discover Hidden Damage
Stop-sign icon 8. Missed Damage Supplement
Repair icon 9. Repair
Stop-sign icon 10. Rework, Missing Hardware, Discovery Parts Issues
Paint icon 11. Paint
Assembly icon 12. Assembly

The Carubba Advanced Repair Method:

Blueprinting & Repair Planning

Vehicle check-in Vehicle Check-In
Repair Mapping Repair Mapping
Disassembly Meticulous Disassembly
Discovery Discovery
Parts Ordering Parts Ordering
Parts Check-In Mirror Matching Parts Check-In Mirror Matching
Quality Verification Quality Verification


Structural Repair Structural Repair
Welding Welding
Cosmetic Repair Cosmetic Repair
Refinish Refinish
Assembly Assembly